Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Spring!

I thought this photo would be an appropriate way to celebrate the first day of Spring, which officially begins at 7:44 this morning. This photo of my daughter's wellie was taken as part of a series I did last year entitled Emerging Light. I challenged myself to take a picture a day from the Winter Solstice through the Vernal Equinox. It was a way of waking up my dormant love of photography, a life-long passion. 

The creative life is a weird thing. That which I love the most (and do most well) I often do the least. Don't want to get into the psychology of that at the moment. Perhaps another time.

For the time being, enjoy this whimsical photo taken at the Widgery Wharf on the Portland waterfront. The green building is a fisherman's shack. Someday, I'd like do a whole series on fisherman's shacks.

Weather here in southern Maine is forecast to be sunny today, highs in the upper 30s, northeast winds 10-15 MPH.


Sarah said...

Happy Spring to you, David! Love the shot - lots! How appropriate!


Sarah who has that same illness of not doing enough of what she loves (and, coincidentally, photography is one of those things...)

David Heald said...

Thanks, Sarah! Perhaps we cannot support one another in this creative endeavor business. For me, the discipline of this blog is a big step forward...


David Heald said...

Sorry, exchange "cannot" for "can"!

David said...

I love the photo - the colors and the solo boot walking up the wall. Nice to read you thoughts there.

Geoff said...

I have the same problem on the creative side. So many things that MUST be done leave me with little energy for creating--and that takes just as much energy as the MUSTS. I've promised myself to do a short video to get going along with a soundtrack. Baby steps.