Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Night is for Stillness

it is night.

The night is for stillness.
   Let us be still in the presence of God.

It is night after a long day.
    What has been done has been done;
    what has not be done has not been done;
    let it be.

The night is dark.
    Let our fears of the darkness of the world and of our own lives
    rest in you.

The night is quiet.
    Let the quietness of your peace enfold us,
    all dear to us,
    and all who have no peace.

The night heralds the dawn.
    Let us look expectantly to a new day,
    new joys,
    new possibilities.

In your name we pray.

From: Night Prayer: A New Zealand Prayer Book; 1989

(DSH Photo: Winter Solstice, December, 2007)


josh said...

That passage is really what I needed to read. lately, as it gets dark, this feeling that not enough was accomplished during the day has become common. that passage allows a much needed pause.

your post about Baxter SP and Nat is beautiful. this is refreshing and very cool - thank you Dave.

David Heald said...

Yo, Josh! Great to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed the prayer--a good practice to help "let go" at the end of the day. Love to Kim and the babe...

Nathan said...

I appreciate your steadfastness and dedication to two seemingly disparate paths. It takes guts to keep going when the prevailing views are that you should choose and "fit in." Stay true to your calling, however it might look!


Erik said...

This is one of my favorite parts of the New Zealand prayer book. I read Night prayer every night before bed.

My other favorite bit is:

It is but lost labour that we haste to rise up early,
and so late take rest, and eat the bread of anxiety.
For those beloved of God are given gifts even while they sleep.