Monday, June 1, 2009

My Morbid Obsession: Take Two

As threatened in my May 27 post, I have taken another leap and launched a second blog entitled: "My Morbid Obsession: Death in Antebellum America, the Civil War, and Today." As my last nine posts were more or less about death, my obsession became obvious for all to see. Heeding the call, I took the next step of designing and constructing a new blog over the weekend and then, Sunday afternoon, published my first post.

I think that "Morbid Obsession" looks very cool, with a cropped Timothy O'Sullivan photograph of the dead on the field at Gettysburg as the header. I purposefully avoided any color in the overall design, choosing to make it muted in tone, intentionally inviting a more contemplative and reflective mood.

Now that I've had fun creating "Morbid Obsession," my intention is to let it come to life (or not) on its own terms. I have no idea how often I'll post. It's an experiment. Now that I've created a space of welcome in my own heart and mind--and a virtual space on the internet--I'll watch with curiosity what arises. The same applies to Distant Temple Bell. We'll see which way the spirit moves over the next few weeks. In a month or so, I'll give you a progress report.

Meanwhile, please stay tuned. And take a moment to add comments or drop me a line. If you enjoy "Morbid Obsession," become an official follower.

(1836 Political Cartoon " A Galvanized Corpse" by H.R Robinson; Library of Congress)


Bekah said...

Daddy, that cartoon could not be creepier.

Geoff said...

These are the perils of coming clean about a "morbid" obsession, eh?

Here we have a pretty good collection of the projected fears of humanity about death in one place. Devils and (maybe) zombies. The walking dead. Thoughts of Poe's "Oblong Box"-- waking up entombed. In short, it's way way creepy. But it's really all Creepy Mind--in here, and probably not out there at all. Probably. Doesn't keep me from getting chills when I go into my creepy cellar at night.