Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Road goes ever on and on

Glendalough (Gleann Dá Loch, “Valley of the Two Lakes”) is an ancient monastic settlement in a spectacular natural setting just an hour south of Dublin. The monastery was founded by St. Kevin, a hermit monk who died about 618 AD. The extensive ruins of Glendalough include several early churches, a graceful round tower, and various sites associated with the life of St. Kevin.

In the photo, Bekah, Sukie and Anna walk to the Upper Lake where the foundation of St. Kevin's cell is located. (Anna is now taller than her mother and her sister.) The title of the post comes from J.R.R Tolkien. A song originally composed by Bilbo Baggins, it appears in the Hobbit and in other versions in the Lord of the Rings.

(DSH Photo: Bekah, Sukie, and Anna at Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, Ireland; April, 2003)

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