Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dispatches from the Cabin: Part Four

"When I think of it, this home--which in so many ways it has become to us all--has given birth and nurtured many beautiful relationships. No matter what happens in the outside world, the Bowditch homes and the island will remain safe havens and healing centers for many. Thank you [to his parents] for our cool place in the forest." Nat wrote this in October, 1991, also noting that it had been too long since he and Lynn last got away to the cabin. Because of increasingly busy lives, it would become a recurrent theme.

The phrase "our cool place in the forest" comes from Nat's father, Phil. In an essay titled "An Open Letter to My Children, Grandchildren, and Any Others Who Might Feel that Little Cranberry is as Much a State of Mind as a Place" Phil wrote, "As I have told my children and they theirs--'This island is for the young in age or heart-THE COOL SPACE IN THE FOREST-where one goes to replenish one's soul rather than one's body.'"

In the same essay, Phil noted that an "important and recommended action" one who loves the island should take is to bring one's choice of mate to Islesford before one proposes or accepts. "Passing the so-called 'Islesford test' is a vital element to insuring tranquility and perpetuation of the species." For Sukie, it became the "Phil and Molly test." She passed with flying colors. Photo: Woodpile belonging to Danny and Katy Fernald, the owners of Islesford Artist's Gallery.

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