Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dispatches from the Cabin: Part Three

"Where to next and how, who, when? It's a fine thing to have time to get away and a place to get away to. Everyone has their secret place and Islesford is mine. Thank you God for Islesford, my sanctuary of sanity." Three weeks of solitude at the cabin in December, 1979, afforded Nat the opportunity to reflect on his life's journey. The "who" was Lynn Spann, the "when" was July 17, 1981, the "where" was the Islesford Church at which Nat and Lynn were married, the Rev. Stanley Haskell presiding.

Several of the wedding guests, myself among them, camped out here at the cabin on Bayberry Point. "The islanders must think us a little crazy hearing all the screams" wrote our friend Michael in the cabin journal, "but these were actually squeals of delight; for this island is full of delightful people, things and places to go. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. B [Phil and Molly Bowditch] for this excursion to serenity."

It clouded up and cooled off overnight. Sukie and I were awakened at 4:50 by a Swainson's thrush singing outside our bedroom window. We can take a nap later; it's time to get up.  It's raining now and a steady northeast breeze blows in through the window where I am writing. Off the point, a lobster boat rumbles as it cruises by. Photo: Sea Glass Panel, Islesford Church.

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